Fearghas’ story

From conquering the abseiling wall to zooming down the zipwire, as Fearghas climbed higher, so did his confidence...

In April 2022, Fearghas, who is living with congenital deafblindness, visited Calvert Exmoor for the second time with Lilias (Mum) and his carers.

During his week-long break, Fearghas took part in a range of activities and with every new experience, his confidence grew, thanks to gentle encouragement from Lilias, our instructors and, of course, the other guests too!



Lilias said…

“We arrived on the Friday for our second stay at Calvert Exmoor and Fearghas remembered the centre straight away as our last visit made such an impression on him.

During the week, we took part in lots of different activities and Fearghas really enjoyed himself. The Giant Swing was a particular favourite and he swung right to the roof, which was a great experience! He also wanted to go faster during the cycling, and although he was nervous to try abseiling at the start, he did try it later on in the week and it helped build his confidence. Activities like these really do bring out the best in him.

While he was climbing the highest wall, Alex (our instructor) was careful to control the speed at which Fearghas travelled back down the wall, meaning he could feel the texture as he went and get a sense of how high he was, which made the activity tactile and therefore meaningful for him."


"The bushcraft activities and Challenge Course were fantastic too and Fearghas got heavily involved in these.
He enjoyed placing the rings on top of one another on the Challenge Course and during fire lighting, he let me strike a spark and responded to the heat well.

A big indication that Fearghas felt comfortable while we were visiting Calvert Exmoor was that he felt confident enough to get up out of his wheelchair and walk around the centre.

His wheelchair is his safe place but he chose to walk around, which was brilliant!
While all the activities were fantastic, I think one of the best things about our stay is that Fearghas got to make connections with other young people, which can sometimes be difficult for him.

When we visited back in 2019, he met a friend then and has kept in touch, and this time, one of the other guests gave Fearghas a postcard and they formed a lovely bond and encouraged each other to take part in activities throughout the week. Seeing them help build each other’s confidence was great.”

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