Experience ease and tranquility at Calvert Exmoor, offering practical accommodation for whatever your needs may be

Nestled in the breathtaking North Devon countryside, Calvert Exmoor offers a retreat that caters to guests of all abilities. The accessible accommodation is straighforward and practical for all, built around a listed Victorian farmstead which adds to the unforgettable Calvert experience.

The accommodation is designed to meet the diverse needs of you, our guests, with accessible bathrooms, kitchens, and beds, providing a comfortable and convenient home away from home. Essential aids such as hoists and other adaptive equipment can be provided to ensure all guests have a pleasant and stress-free stay.

Beyond the accommodation, there are facilities and services around the garden courtyard to tick every box and set you up for the excitement of activities and games; enjoy a swim, unwind in the sensory room or have a relaxing drink by the bar in the evening. There’s also free and fast Wi-Fi across the centre.

The dining room also opens up into the courtyard for meals at 8.30am, 1pm and 6pm, plus a fresh supply of drinks and healthy snacks through the day and night.

Experience the joy of adventure and the comfort of accessibility. Discover more about the accommodation and facilities here…

Items that can be provided for ease and accessibility

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  • A selection of bedrooms have ceiling track hoists
  • Only 2 of the remaining rooms cannot accommodate a mobile hoist
  • Mobile hoists will be provided if requested at the time of booking
  • Over bed pole hoists (a wooden frame to help you pull yourself up to a sitting position) can also be provided
  • Calvert Exmoor Instructors are trained on how to use mobile hoists and can offer advice and help if needed
  • Please note: slings with plastic clip fastenings should not be used in conjunction with any Calvert Exmoor hoists. If you are unsure please speak to a member of staff for further assistance.

Adaptive beds

Adaptive beds

  • Electric profiling beds are in many of the rooms; if you specifically require one please request this when booking
  • Other options include:
    • Mattress elevators (to lift the head end of the mattress to a sitting position)
    • Bed blocks (to raise a standard bed height by approximately 100mm)
    • Bedsides (to stop people from falling out of bed)
    • Bumpers (padded covers for the bedside)
    • Kinderkey Bed (sleep system with high padded sides, you can find more information from the manufacturers’ website here)
    • Safe space bed (a high-side, floor level bed with a roof)

Wet room items

Wet room items

  • Shower chairs of several types, both self propelled and carer propelled
  • Seahorse Sani-chairs, which include head support and straps for personal care
  • Commodes
  • Over toilet chairs
  • Fold down seats

Everyday needs

Everyday needs

  • Deafgard alarms (a wireless unit, that when placed under the pillow, vibrates to wake the sleeper upon the fire alarm sounding)
  • Waterproof duvet & pillowcases (waterproof mattress covers are provided as standard)
  • Baby cots
  • Mini-fridge (for chilled medication storage)
  • Lockable safe (for secure medication storage)
  • Sound monitors
  • Heaters
  • Fans
  • Excellent Wi-Fi free of charge

Accommodation types

An empty indoor swimming pool with blue tiling and yellow walls, with a wooden paneled ceiling and wood beams. There are silver railings in the foreground with steps that go into the pool and a hoist in the background.

Facilities and services

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Please contact the team on 01598 763221 or for an informal conversation.

All bookings are taken over the phone to ensure you get the best break possible, with us gaining a better understanding of your needs.


It is possible to see which dates are available if you would like to know in advance before enquiring.

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