A Calvert Exmoor instructor is at the top of the abseiling wall looking at a young girl who is starting her abseiling activity and is slightly further down on the wall. They are both attached into a rope system and in the background there is a child being hoisted up the climbing wire to the top of the climbing wall on a harness.


What activities can you take part in? From archery to canoeing, zipwire to horse riding, there is something for all.

Calvert Exmoor activities

‘It’s what you CAN do that counts’ sums up our approach to activities. They are tailored to enable every guest to take part. We are all about CAN!

Fantastic adventure activities delivered by specially trained, skilled and friendly instructors.

Breaks are built around a structured programme of on-site activities, led by qualified instructors and specifically designed and equipped to suit a wide range of abilities.

The instructor team work with you and alongside groups, so they get to know every individual and help you make the most of your experience.

Our activities

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All of them! Every activity at Calvert Exmoor can be undertaken by people with any disability or complex needs.

Of course, no one is forced to do an activity and they have the option to opt-out. Even if someone chooses not to do a specific element of the session, we still encourage them to be a part of the group and suggest different ways of getting involved.

Each activity takes place at the Calvert Exmoor site; water based activities and biking are furthest away at Wistlandpound Reservoir, a 5 minute walk/wheel from the Calvert centre.

We plan activities around the type of groups, families or individuals we have on site, and there are many factors involved. You can tell us which activities you are most excited for when booking, and we will do our best to provide but cannot guarantee it.

Guest stories

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