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Luke’s story

Astonishing achievements for Luke and bubbling pride from Mum, read this family's truly inspirational success story...

Luke’s Family

Luke was 11 years old when he first visited Calvert Exmoor in 2022. He is paralysed from the waist down due to hydrocephalus and Spina Bifida. Being a wheelchair user, he is often excluded from activities and traditional holidays, which has been difficult for the family.

His parents, Susan and David, brought Luke to Calvert Exmoor hoping to open their eyes to what is possible, to feel part of the experience instead of excluded from it.

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Why Calvert?

“Previous holidays have excluded Luke from activities because he is a wheelchair user. He has felt frustrated and sad when steps or narrow doors and gateways stand between him and laser quest or fairground rides.

At Calvert Trust Exmoor, he could access everything he wanted to do – abseiling, climbing, cycling, swimming and archery.”
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“It was very special to see Luke overflowing with pride and delight in new experiences. Climbing, abseiling and recumbent cycling particularly made a deep impression as he was supported to independently use his arms to power himself up and down a 20-meter wall and around a reservoir track.

Meeting other families was encouraging as we shared ideas and challenges with schooling and health services. Usually, our family is the odd one out and people have no idea of the struggles we face, but people here know and care about the extra stresses on our young people.”
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First time for everything…

“Luke stayed in a separate room, adjacent to ours. This is the first time he has been able to sleep apart from us in over 7 years.

He handled it fairly well…I’m relieved that he feels brave enough to be in a room by himself to sleep now.

In the mornings he was able to dress himself, even trousers and socks, which he has never managed before.

David was pleased to try archery which has always wanted to do. Luke has done several activities for the first time, which were quite daunting.

Luke waited his turn nicely and we had no meltdowns or anxiety attacks which was amazing!

After initial fear and nerves, he felt a huge sense of accomplishment and pleasure.”

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