A wide-angled photograph of a group of children jumping in the air with joy in between two archery targets at the accessible archery range at Calvert Exmoor.

School residentials

Exciting residentials and activities for pupils to boost learning outside the classroom

Residentials and your school’s needs

School residential trips are undoubtedly special occasions, but let’s be honest, organising them can be quite a challenge.

At Calvert Exmoor, we understand the complexities involved and the pressure to ensure that every detail is perfect while keeping students safe and engaged. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing support in every way possible.

We offer accessible accommodation for up to 60 people, complete with meals and a variety of adventure activities, making us an ideal choice for start or end-of-year treats. Our aim is to create a venue where pupils and teachers can unwind and enjoy themselves.

However, we don’t stop at the basics. We assist with educational journeys that align with your school’s syllabus and the National Curriculum. Think of us as a pre-planned, off-road trail into outdoor adventure, tailored to support your learning goals.

If you need additional teaching tools aligned with the National Curriculum, we’re here to help. This includes:

  • Awareness: Attend our group leader ‘intro’ weekends to familiarise yourself with our centre before making a decision
  • Planning: Collaborate with us to design a residential programme that targets specific learning objectives
  • Integration: Explore everyday concepts through exciting outdoor adventures, seamlessly blending learning with fun
  • Reflection and assessment: Incorporate structured reflection sessions before, during, and after the residential to help students recognise their achievements. Teachers can also assess progress towards curriculum objectives through observation and discussions
  • Resources and support: We provide all necessary forms and parental paperwork, and you’ll have access to our on-site facilities, staff, and equipment for a fulfilling and comfortable stay

If you’d like to talk with a friendly person about a school residential, please don’t hesitate to call and we’ll be happy to help.

Phone 01598 763221

Working with students and staff in a residential setting is massively beneficial. The response in terms of staff and student wellbeing was hugely positive. Our students achieved things that they would never achieve in school. Calvert Exmoor staff are able to meet the needs of even our most complex students. We feel that this experience is so beneficial for our students that we pledge to continue to provide this opportunity at KS3 and KS4.
– Anthony, Pathfield School Teacher

The benefits of learning outside the classroom

Aerial view of the Calvert Exmoor centre and Wistlandpound Reservoir surrounded by green hills

For many children, the positive effects of learning outside the classroom are both immediate and long-lasting. There are five key ways in which exposure to the natural environment is beneficial to human health:

  • Enhanced personal and social communication skills
  • Increased physical health
  • Enhanced mental and spiritual health
  • Enhanced spiritual, sensory, and aesthetic awareness
  • The ability to assert personal control and increased sensitivity to one’s own well-being

Source: Health, Well-Being and Open Space, Literature Review by Nina Morris, OPENspace Research Centre (2003 – English Outdoor Council)

Why outdoor residentials?

  • 26%

    of children with disabilities take part in physical activity for 60+mins a day

    Only 26% of children with disabilities participate in physical activity for at least 60 minutes per day, compared to 51% of children without disabilities.

    Department for Education

  • 40%

    increase in physical activity levels among children with disabilities

    Schools that provide some form of inclusive physical activity programme report a 40% increase in physical activity levels among children with disabilities.

    Youth Sport Trust

  • 30%

    boost in social integration and sense of community

    According to Leonard Cheshire Disability, outdoor activities boost social integration by 30% and foster a sense of community among participants.

    Leonard Cheshire Disability

  • 30%

    increase in physical activity among children with disabilities

    Access to inclusive sport clubs and activities has led to a 30% increase in physical activity levels among children and youth with disabilities.

    Youth Sport Trust

The Calvert Exmoor experience promotes physical activity, boosts self-belief, helps with social interaction, and gives pupils and staff a shared point of reference which can help with engagement when back in the classroom.

Whatever their age or ability, a visit can provide a life-changing experience, building self-confidence, developing life skills, growing friendships, and having fun. It also subconsciously supports learning, as outlined in the Calvert Curriculum….

The Calvert Curriculum

As proud members of the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom, we recognise the significance of student activities in achieving both individual and national educational targets. At Calvert Exmoor, we integrate much of the National Curriculum into the experiences of schools during their stay, whether intentionally or inadvertently, through the guidance of our staff and interactions with other residential guests. We collaborate closely with you to ensure alignment with your objectives and desired learning outcomes.

Regardless of the curriculum you follow, we acknowledge that its aims likely parallel those of the National Curriculum of England. As such, we are committed to providing the resources necessary for your students to engage with this learning, fostering their spiritual, moral, cultural, mental, and physical development along the journey.

Our Calvert Curriculum offers a detailed overview of how Calvert Exmoor provides, enables and promotes the National Curriculum during your visit…

Read the Calvert Curriculm

Residentials at Calvert Exmoor

The centre is open year-round for two or four-night breaks, offering pupils and teachers a unique opportunity to thrive off exciting and challenging outdoor adventure activities in a safe, accessible environment.

This is what’s on offer…

A group of guests wearing helmets and harnesses are standing in front of the inside climbing wall, looking at the camera, smiling and holding their thumbs up.


At Calvert Exmoor, “it’s what you can do that counts.”

We ensure that every individual, regardless of any special educational needs or physical disabilities, has the opportunity to shine. Our structured program of activities, led by qualified instructors with specially designed equipment, is tailored to accommodate a wide range of abilities. We prioritise continuity by assigning the same instructor to each activity group throughout their adventures, fostering familiarity and connection. Plus, all activities take place on-site, with the furthest being a five-minute stroll/roll to the Reservoir!
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Some stone buildings surrounding a courtyard with lots of plants and flowers in the middle. There are benches on the left and a flat paved path leading away from the camera in the centre.

Accommodation and dining

There are 60 beds across 19 bedrooms and 5 apartments. Bedrooms come in single, twin, and triple configurations with en-suite shower rooms and toilets, along with basic furniture and adaptive equipment for guests with physical disabilities. The accommodation is based around a communal courtyard for easy access to dining areas and essential facilities, ensuring easy supervision by teachers and on-site staff.

Additional facilities include a TV/Games room, sensory room, and a drying room for wet clothes, along with the space for relaxation. Plus, enjoy hot meals straight from the onsite chefs…
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Evening activities and entertainment

On arrival, your designated Course Director will greet the group, give a tour, cover emergency procedures, and answer questions to ensure a smooth first night. They will also be a key part of making sure that, after a great day, the learning and enjoyment continue into the evenings.

Possible options could include but are not limited to:

• A visit from Exmoor Zoo for an educational talk and entertainment (additional cost may apply)
• Bingo, quiz, or game nights
• Sensory and educational walks around the reservoir
• Activities like indoor climbing or swimming can continue
• Alternatively, customise your own activities based on student preferences
• We can end the stay with a late-night disco to unwind even further
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Costs and structure

2-night breaks from £188 per person
Arrive on Monday OR Wednesday OR Friday

4-night breaks from £349 per person
Stay Monday to Friday

  • 1 free staff member for every 10 students
  • Price includes accommodation, dining, activities and use of the facilities

How a 2-night break is structured when arriving on Monday (green) or Wednesday (orange) or Friday (blue)…

How a 4-night break is structured when arriving on Monday and staying to Friday…

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