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Four people sit on top of a horse each in a line facing the camera. They are all wearing riding hats and smiling in an indoor arena building.

Nicci’s story

"It's as though the world has opened up that bit more and got that little bit bigger!"

When Nicci and her family came to visit us in 2022, it was an experience that brought them closer together than ever before.

Thomas and Dylan (aged 9 at the time of their visit) are twins who have their own unique personalities. They are best friends who love to play together. However, Thomas has cerebral palsy, requiring a little more time and space to move around using his much-loved trike, wheelchair or walker.

Nicci (Mum) and Brian (Dad) booked a stay with us so that Thomas and Dylan could take part in activities side by side, rather than separately. They wanted a holiday that would include, rather than exclude, Thomas.

Their break started with the hope of trying outdoor adventure activities together as a family. It ended with a brand new sense of freedom and confidence that also deepened connections and reignited passions.

Nicci kindly wrote some lovely feedback for us, which you can read below…

A boy wearing a dark green sweatshirt and tracksuits and a bright green helmet is looking at someone whose arm is in the photo, holding a red rope. The boy with the green hat is suspended in a seated position in the air by a zipwire and harness.


“Aside from having the opportunity to experience so many outdoor activities as a family, my favourite part of this holiday for us has been how much we have been able to relax and let go.

Due to the excellent facilities and expertise of the Calvert Exmoor team, we have, for the first time, been able to let go of any concerns regarding accessibility and inclusion and just enjoy the experience.

To not be and feel ‘on alert’ or ‘two steps ahead’ has felt amazing.”
A man wearing sunglasses is holding the arm of a young boy to the right and they are smiling walking downhill behind a boy who is on a recumbent bicycle, smiling and cycling.

Favourite memories…

“I will remember many moments but something that I know will stay with me is how free and confident our boys were this weekend. How open and relaxed they were with the instructor and other guests and themselves.

I loved seeing them independently going off to the dining room to get their breakfast or to The Barn to play table football. They loved the freedom too, this safety and security.”
A boy with a blue zimmer frame is standing on the floor of a sports hall, using a small rope to hoist up a crate to two people standing on top of a tower of plastic crates. There is a woman in the background smiling and wearing a white helmet too.

Personal achievements…

“I think we have all grown considerably from our short stay with Calvert Trust Exmoor. Our sons have truly found a love for the outdoors and have already asked for us to find local riding and climbing centres.

For myself and my partner, we have been able to reconnect with past times and activities that we used to enjoy as individuals before starting a family, and can now share and enjoy together as a family.

It's as though the world has opened up that bit more and got that little bit bigger!"

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