An empty indoor swimming pool with clean water and a red sign that reads

Swimming at Calvert Exmoor

Enjoy a relaxing time in the accessible swimming pool, available to guests and the public

Who can swim at Calvert Exmoor?

Anyone can enjoy a swim in our pool, it is open to…

  • The general public
  • Local schools, groups or care homes
  • Our residential guests

As long as you are able to have a minimum of 3 capable people over the age of 16 in the pool area at any one time.* 

What facilities are available?

The swimming pool and jacuzzi are located in a private building that’s attached to the main centre but with it’s own entrance. Access is flat with no steps.

The entrance leads into a large changing room area, which has:

  • Non-slip flooring, hair dryers, lockers, toilets and a pool side wheelchair
  • Private changing cubicles for individual use
  • 2 large fully accessible high-need wet rooms with overhead tracking and shower stretcher changing tables
  • 6 shower cubicles with curtains, which have a small ledge/step to help drain the water away.

From the changing rooms, go through the doors to the main swimming pool and jacuzzi.

Both have steps and hoist facilities to enter the water. One side of the pool is also raised from the surrounding walkway to allow direct ‘chair to pool’ transfers. The room is tiled and well lit from overhead and wall lighting as well as natural light.

The swimming pool is 5 meters wide, 12 meters in length and 0.9 to 1.3 meters deep.

A selection of flotation devices can be provided along with games and balls.

Guest swimming

As a residential guest, you can use the pool between 4pm and 6pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday.

Remember: there must be a minimum of 3 capable people over the age of 16 in the pool area at any one time.* 

Talk to the team at reception to express an interest in swimming and they will arrange your session for you. For safety reasons, it is not possible to walk into the pool for a spontaneous swim, please book in advance at reception.

Swimming as an activity

Occasionally, swimming will be offered as an activity session, usually instead of an outdoor activity (due to servere weather for example) or because a group has requested it specifically. These sessions can be led by a Calvert instructor to involve team games and challenges.

Please note that pool availability cannot be promised and we can’t guarantee it will be offered as an activity.

Public swimming

The swimming pool can be enjoyed by families, care homes, groups or schools during set times and must be booked in advance over the phone.

There are 2 options available:

  1. Public swim sessions
  2. Sole bookings

Both require phoning 01598 763221 (option 1) to book an hour slot.

Plus, you must ensure there are a minimum of 3 capable people in your group who are over the age of 16, to be in the pool area at any one time.* 

1. Public swim sessions

How it works:

Public swim sessions are available to all and can be attended by anyone, with up to 20 people in the pool at the same time.

The sessions are made up of hour slots in which to enter, enjoy a swim and leave again. This hour slot includes changing time before and after, and as always there must be 3 capable adults* for the public swim to take place.


  • Tuesday between 2pm and 3pm
  • Fridays between 11am and 12pm
  • Friday between 12pm to 1pm


  • Adult – £6
  • Child (ages 4 to 12) – £3
  • Babies up to 3 years old – free
  • Poolside non-swimmers – free of charge
  • Pay on arrival at the main reception desk before entering

For more information and to book, phone 01598 763221 (option 1).

2. Sole bookings

Sole bookings, or private swimming sessions as they could be called, are our most popular public swimming option.

How it works:

Have the pool to yourself! These hour slots (which include changing times before and after swimming) are private to your group, giving you sole use, with no one joining you.


Hour slots are available…

  • Tuesday between 10am and 2pm
  • Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between 10am and 4pm
  • Saturday and Sunday between 1pm and 4pm


  • £40 per hour – this secures sole use of the swimming pool for up to 10 swimmers
  • Over 10 people will will be charged at:
    • Adult – £5
    • Child (ages 4 to 12) – £2.50
    • Babies up to 3 years old – free
    • Poolside non-swimmers – free of charge
  • Pay on arrival at the main reception desk before entering

For more information, availability and to book phone 01598 763221 (option 1).

Don’t forget the golden rule, your swimming group must have the 3 capable adults aged 16 or over*.


*Health and safety*

Whether you are swimming as part of a residential break or as a public swim, you need to know and acknowledge…

  • The pool is not lifeguarded or directly supervised, swimmers are therefore responsible for their own safety. It is your responsibility to assess and provide appropriate care support for disabled individuals. If you do not have appropriate supervision arrangements, you will be refused access to the pool.
  • There must be a minimum of three capable people aged 16 or over in the pool at any one time. These individuals must be capable, in an emergency, of exiting the pool unaided to press the alarm or support a casualty’s head above water while help is being arranged.
  • Under 18’s are not allowed in the pool area without adult supervision; therefore at least one of the three capable people in the pool area must be over the age of 18.
  • There must be 1:1 adult supervision for children aged under four, and 1:2 supervision for children aged between four and eight.
  • Calvert Exmoor staff are pool responder and first aid trained. But they cannot watch or lifeguard the pool, so it’s up to the capable individuals to sound the alarm to alert staff to the emergency.

Key information

  • Calvert Exmoor swimming pool does not have a lifeguard; You are therefore responsible for your own safety and supervision
  • Non-residential visitors are allocated a one-hour time slot which is inclusive of changing times before and after your swimming session
  • Swimmers will not be granted entry to the pool before their allocated time slot
  • ALL pool users, without exception, must sign in at Reception upon arrival. If you arrive early for your session you will be asked to wait in Reception
  • Pool users are prohibited from letting other swimmers into the pool under any circumstances
  • Belongings should not be left in the pool area; the lockers in the changing rooms should be used, for which a returnable £1 coin is required
  • Please shower before entering the pool area
  • Outdoor footwear should not be worn in the pool area. For those who do not wish to remove their shoes, shoe covers are provided at the pool entrance
  • Food, drink and breakable objects must not be taken into the pool area
  • The pool must not be used under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances. The pool must not be used immediately after a meal
  • The pool entrance door must be shut after use and changing rooms left clean and tidy
  • You must be well enough to swim, anyone suffering from diarrhoea in the last 14 days should not use the pool
  • The shower chair provided should be used to transport guests to the pool area. Changing beds must not be taken into the pool area; whilst using the changing beds please ensure that the sides are up and that guests are not left unattended

In addition to the health and safety statement above…

  • There must not be more than 20 people in the pool area at any time
  • Be alert and always ensure close supervision to prevent dangerous occurrences that could result in a serious incident
  • You must ensure your group swims within their ability, and close supervision must be given to those with conditions such as epilepsy, diabetes, asthma and heart problems
  • Anyone not complying with the supervision arrangements and rules must be reported to reception immediately
  • Running, jumping, pushing, diving or other dangerous activities are prohibited
  • For the safety of all swimmers, it is essential that sensible, responsible behaviour is demonstrated at all times and these pool rules are complied with
  • Calvert Exmoor reserves the right to refuse entry or require users to immediately vacate the pool in the event of these rules not being followed

You are responsible for supervising your own pool sessions.

  • Before using the swimming pool, you must read and understand the pool rules
  • You must be familiar with the location of emergency alarms, rescue equipment, first aid kit and the action in the event of an emergency; if you are unsure please ask a member of staff
  • You must be familiar with the location of the fire exits and assembly points
  • Any incidents or accidents must be reported to a member of Calvert Exmoor staff
  • Hoisting equipment and slings must only be operated by trained personnel due to the risk of serious injury if used incorrectly. Carers are responsible for ensuring that a ‘moving and handling’ risk assessment has been completed for all participants that require hoisting
  • Calvert Exmoor staff are unable to operate the hoist on your behalf
  • Care must be taken when moving around the pool area to avoid slips and trips on poolside hazards
  • Safety equipment must only be used in an emergency
  • For your own safety do not use the pool and advise a member of staff if any of the following occur:
    • The pool is contaminated by blood, vomit or faeces
    • You observe broken glass or sharp objects
    • There is a lack of water clarity or you cannot see the bottom of the pool
  • In the event of a power cut swimmers must exit the pool area immediately; emergency lighting will come on automatically
  • In the event of fire evacuate the pool immediately and assemble at the fire assembly point
  • If the fire alarm sounds and there is no immediate danger prepare to evacuate the pool area and wait for further instructions from a member of staff
  • The fire escape on pool side should remain closed at all times as this is an alarmed fire exit only
  • Fire blankets can be found by the poolside fire exit

In the event of an emergency or serious incident push the emergency call point on pool side to alert a member of staff who will immediately come to provide assistance. When this occurs, all swimmers must exit the water to a safe area and the casualty’s head must be supported above the water.

  • A maximum of 5 people are allowed in the jacuzzi at any one time
  • Pregnant women, elderly persons and those suffering from heart disease, diabetes, high or low blood pressure or anyone using anti-coagulants, antihistamines, vasoconstrictors, vasodilators, stimulants, hypnotics or tranquilisers should not enter the spa without first seeking medical advice
  • Children should not use the spa without supervision
  • The spa must not be used under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances
  • The spa must not be used immediately after a meal

Swimming form

There is a form to be completed once, before your first swimming session. It contains all the information shown on this page.

The form must be understood and signed before access to the pool can be granted, and applies to both guests and public swimmers.

You can collect it from reception or, if you wish, download, print and sign before arriving for a swim.