Single, twin or triple bedrooms surrounding the blissful and beautiful communal courtyard...

There are 19 guest bedrooms, numbered 1 to 20 (but did you know there is no room 13? We’re unsure why the number was excluded when the centre was opened in 1996).

Bedrooms 1 to 9 open directly into the courtyard, whilst the remaining rooms open into a well-lit, carpeted corridor with handrails and easy access via stairs or lifts to the courtyard or level access to other communal areas.

  • Each bedroom has a combination of one, two or three single beds (no double beds)
  • Each room is designed, painted and equipped to be minimalistic and not overwhelming
  • They all contain: a wardrobe, small chest of drawers, and single chairs
  • Please note: bedrooms do not have TVs
  • Each has an en-suite shower room with toilet facilities and vinyl flooring
  • All bedrooms are accessible and can be reached via step-free access
  • Excellent Wi-Fi is free and available across our centre, including our accommodation

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Bedrooms 1-9

Bedrooms 1-9

  • Bedrooms 1 to 9 are accessible from the centre’s courtyard, with doors that open directly onto the pavement of the courtyard
  • They can sleep 1 or 2 people
  • They are square shaped with a middle door leading to a square en-suite

Bedroom 10

Bedroom 10

  • Located on the ground floor, it opens up into a corridor, which has easy access to the courtyard garden
  • It is L shaped with a square en-suite wetroom
  • This room can sleep up to 3 people

Bedrooms 11-12

Bedrooms 11-12

  • These rooms are on the first floor and are accessible from the courtyard via stairs or a lift, or from a level-access corridor from reception
  • Both have square en-suite wetrooms
  • In addition they are opposite a shared bathroom with a step-in bath
  • Room 11 is a rectangle shape and can sleep 3 people
  • Room 12 is square with room for 2 beds

Bedrooms 14-20

Bedrooms 14-20

  • Bedrooms 14 to 20 are found on the first floor via a well-lit, carpeted corridor with handrails
  • Their windows overlook the garden courtyard
  • They are box shaped with en-suite wetrooms
  • They can sleep 1, 2 or 3 people
  • Rooms 15 and 16 are interconnected and could share a linking door between them if required
  • Rooms 17 and 18 are interconnected and could share a linking door between them if required
  • Rooms 16 and 18 also have H-track ceiling hoists


  • Pre-made single bed(s) and bedding
  • Bedside drawers
  • Wardrobe with coat hangers
  • Alarm clock
  • En-suite wetroom
  • Any equipment requested at the time of booking
  • Towels (bring your own)
  • Washing products
  • Kettles, teas and coffees as this is available 24/7 in the dining room
  • Any other every day items unless requested in advance

We also recommend bringing personal comfort items from home if needed

  • Please be aware that bedrooms DO NOT have TVs
  • However there are TVs in communal areas
  • Wi-Fi is provided free of charge across the centre, including bedrooms

Possibly; many returning guests choose to stay in the same bedrooms. However we can never guarantee it.

We will place guests in the bedrooms best suited to their needs and requirements, depending on what is available at the time of booking.

Sometimes it may be neccessary for you to consider changing your arrival date to fit guests in specific rooms.

Being an older building, all the bedroom doors are locked and unlocked with a key, which will be given to you upon check-in. Key-cards are not used anywhere on site.

Doors lock and unlock from the outside using the the key and don’t lock automatically. They can also be locked/unlocked from the inside using a thumb turn lock.

Smoking and vaping is not allowed anywhere onsite other than the two designated smoking areas.

Please do not smoke or vape inside or anywhere in the courtyard, except in the designated smoking areas.



Please contact the team on 01598 763221 or for an informal conversation.

All bookings are taken over the phone to ensure you get the best break possible, with us gaining a better understanding of your needs.


It is possible to see which dates are available if you would like to know in advance before enquiring.

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